What is CAFÉ MIMI? It’s a cool cosmetic with natural ingredients, inspiring fragrances, nice textures and fast results for hair, face and body care. A great pleasure without compromise!

The first CAFÉ MIMI series were created in 2016. Now there are about 300 high quality products for everyday care: hair cleansing, recovering and styling products; BB, PP and moisturizing creams for face; body cleansing and nourishing cosmetics; frizz balls and bath foams for relax.

Our new series:

CAFÉ MIMI SUPER FOOD - it’s a new series with vitamins and natural ingredients for your skin and hair care. Advanced packaging with multy-use cap allows to use the product up to the last drop.

CAFÉ MIMI SUPER FRUIT - products with natural exotic plant’s ingredients are created for skin health and hair beauty. Two kinds of packaging - 450 ml bottle with dispenser and 450 ml refill with multy-use cap provide consumption wise.

6 reasons, why more and more people become CAFÉ MIMI fan:

we don’t test our cosmetics on animals;

we guarantee minimum 95% of natural ingredients: oils, natural extracts and bio active ingredients;

our cosmetics are worry-free ingredients, we use natural preservatives and don’t use refined petroleum products, silicones, parabens, EDTA, MIT;

we collect and recycle our jars with special sign. You can invent many interesting applications for them: beginning of children's crafts and storage systems, to the interior compositions and growing flowers;

our production sites are certified by ISO and GMP standards, don’t pollute the environment, save water and energy resources;

our cosmetics provides an efficiency and give you inspiring fragrances, cool fun and super mood.

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